Reading is Essential to a Child's Development

The Bryan Thomas Foundation is dedicated to making reading a central part of children’s lives. Our literacy programs reach reluctant and struggling readers by providing skills instruction, supporting independent reading and fostering a love of reading. Furthermore, The Bryan Thomas Foundation has established effective community partnerships with non-profit educational groups to bring reading programs to diverse, urban communities.

According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), the largest national assessor of students' progress and the producer of the Nation’s Report Card for 2009, national reading averages show no change for 4th graders since 2007. This problem is even more pronounced in the nation’s poorest areas. In Alabama, Bryan's hometown state, fourth grade assessments in reading remained below the US average.

The Bryan Thomas Foundation is determined to help students grow academically, thrive in their communities, and get a jump-start for a better tomorrow. Through our literacy programs students are helped in:

  • Fluency Training
  • Phonics
  • Long-Word Decoding
  • Comprehension
  • Study Skills
  • Vocabulary

Our community partners control all aspects of program implementation and provide marketing and facility resources while The Bryan Thomas Foundation provides the funding to help youngsters become lifelong learners.

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